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"OTW 2009 was a blast, I can't wait until next year!"

Hurdy-Gurdy Events

40th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival

Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30, 2011
Seattle Center
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA (http://www.nwfolklifefestival.org/)

Some of the Events featuring Hurdy-Gurdy:

Saturday, May 28
3:00-3:20p: Pint and Dale at the NW Court - great sea songs, great people! (and a gurdy…)

8:50-9:20p: Gurdies at Center House Theater

Monday, May 30
6:00-7:00p: The Hurdy Gurdy Explained, with Cali Hackmann, Narrative Stage

Monthly Hurdy-Gurdy Jam!

More details soon.


OTW Festival Announcement

It's with much regret the Board for Hurdy Gurdy Association announces that we will NOT have the Over the Water Hurdy Gurdy Festival in 2011.

At this time the board will concentrate on organizing and participating in local events that are aligned with the mission of the Hurdy Gurdy Association and fundraising efforts so that we can consider having the festival again in the near future.


A Message from the
Hurdy Gurdy Association Board

Hello fellow gurdy enthusiasts,

Due to the economy and other factors the 2010 festival left OTW in the red. Thanks to some generous donations from individuals and a great fundraising french dance sponsored by Pat McG and his lovely wife Marjy, we are back in the black! However, not so much in the black that we had the needed startup to make the festival a go for 2011.

So we thought we would take this opportunity to regroup and get some input from everyone as to what you would like to see in the future. While the OTW board works on the organizational aspects of this festival, it doesn't belong to us, it belongs to you as a gurdy playing community. So, in order to plan the next event, we need input from all of you.

  • Who do you want to see as instructors?
  • When is the best time for the event?
  • We've held it in September in the past because it was the best time to book Ft. Flagler, but things may have changed and we might be able to do it at another time of year. Do you have a preference?
  • Would a weekend style workshop work better for your schedule or budget?
  • Or would you rather keep the event similar to past years.

If we are to do this in the future, and we would really like to because it is such a great time, we need your input! Please think about what you want to see and email us at info@overthewater.org.

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you.

The Over the Water Board

What we do ...

The Over the Water Hurdy-Gurdy Association (OTW for short) is a group of hurdy-gurdy players, builders, and aficionados based mostly in Western Washington (USA). We put on French music jams and dances in the Seattle area (with live hurdy-gurdy music, of course) and an annual hurdy-gurdy festival and Saturday dance on the Olympic Peninsula. For more information, please select from the links above or write to us via regular mail (at the address above) or e-mail at info@overthewater.org.


The Over the Water Hurdy-Gurdy Festival...

The Over the Water Hurdy-Gurdy festival brings together hurdy-gurdy players, builders and teachers for intensive instruction, jamming, fellowship and good food. Classes cover melodic techniques, rhythm, repertoire, and instrument setup and maintenance, with instruction tailored for beginning through advanced players. more information ...


Tell us what you think, the Over the Water Hurdy-Gurdy Association is always working to improve the festival, please help up by taking a quick 10 question survey. Thanks! Take the survey.

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Helping out...

The OTW is a nonprofit educational organization formed to promote and foster knowledge about and use of the hurdy-gurdy, including music and dances associated with the instrument. You can help the organization in several ways including volunteering or preparing for events such of the Over the Water Hurdy-Gurdy Festival and through donations to the organization. Please see the "Support OTW " section of the Web site for more details.


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